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    Signs, banners, motorcycle paint, airbrushed, vinyl, hand painted in Roseburg.

  • Sandblasted sign in roseburg

    Sandblasted Redwood 4' x 8'

  • Banners in roseburg

    Vinyl, Airbrushed, hand painted banners.

  • Motorcycle paint, murals, pinstriping in roseburg

    Motorcycle paint,wall and vehicle murals, pinstriping and signs.

  • Vinyl signs in roseburg

    Digitally printed vinyl opticle illusion (no side door, back door is not open).

Signs in Roseburg by Professionals.

The difference between just making a sign and designing appropriate display that helps your project achieve success is the advantage we bring to every project through skilled craftsmanship, innovative and effective design concepts, plus years of experience. For signs in Roseburg Oregon, come to Hufham's Custom Signs!

Design and Consulting

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♦ Sign design ♦ Logo Design ♦ Consultation ♦ Concept Development ♦ Sketch to Renderings ♦ Working Drawings

Commercial Signs

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♦ Flat ♦ Dimensional ♦ Sandblasted ♦ Banners ♦ Plex Faces ♦ Magnetic's ♦ Stone & Tile ♦ Directional ♦ Informational ♦ Dimensional Letters


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♦ Lettering ♦ Murals ♦ Graphics ♦ Super graphics ♦ Helmets ♦ Complete Motorcycle Paint


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♦ Lettering ♦ Dimensional 3D elements ♦ Interior Ceilings ♦ Faux Finishes ♦ Murals


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♦ Fine Art ♦ 3D Dimensional ♦ Concept ♦ Mixed Media ♦ Unusual Substrates ♦ Traditional Mediums


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Airbrushed, Hand Painted, Vinyl, Digital Print, Gilding, etc...

Services & Products

Click on the links below to see a few samples of our work.

A few case studies

Creekside Grill

Creekside sign button

Logo and 8' x 12' roof sign.

Logger's Gourmet Pizza

Loggers Gourmet Pizza sign button

Logo and building signage.

Warm Oven Cafe

Warm Oven Cafe sign button

Logo redesign and dimensional signs for mall location.

Classic Cars Limos

Classic Cars Limo Service sign button

Logo and perimeter cut magnetic's.

Before & Afters

Roseburg Junior Acadamy

Roseburg Junior Acadamy sign button

Roseburg High

Roseburg High School sign button

Sawmill Tavern

Sawmill Tavern sign button

Joe's Bar & Grill

Joe's Bar sign button

About Us

At a glance

Established: 1913

Owner: Vern Keller (since 1998)

Location: Roseburg, Or.


MTV Sports | U.S. World water ski team

Lucas Oil | Ford Family Foundation

CWX | Gene Whitaker Inc.

Douglas County | Douglas ESD

City of Roseburg | Fisher Stoves

R.H.S. | Roseburg Public Schools

Brook Communications

We are:

A traditional commercial sign shop dedicated to providing the most effective, appropriate, and affordable display through the use of quality design and production techniques.

We have a long and distinguished history of vehicle lettering , murals, magnetics, airbrushing, banners and signs in Roseburg Oregon and Douglas County. Creating familiar local business logos and signs since 1913, Hufham's Custom Signs is truly a part of the Roseburg way of life.

Having just moved back to Roseburg in the summer of 1997 after a 12 year absence I learned the previouse owner was about to close the doors and let the company become merely another victim of the economy. I couldn't let that happen to the shop after so many years of it being an important part of the community.

Vern Keller - Owner (upon assuming the Hufham's name in early 1998)

Contact Us


(541) 530-6779


1135 S.E. Stephens St.

Roseburg, Or.